[Event-Report] Talk at Mini-Debian Conf on Raspbian

It was my first time to visit IIT Bombay one of the top tier college in India which is well known in entire globe for its reputation, A mini-debian conf was organised by Debian contributors and FOSS enthusiastic from Mumbai. Read Full

[Event-Report] One day Fedora Workshop Conducted at KKW College Nashik.

A one day Fedora Workshop was scheduled on October 11th October 2014 at KKW College Nashik[1].
After reaching one of the Reputed College of City it was an Small Felicitation by HOD of MCS

The Workshop Mainly was divided into 2 sessions of 2 hours each.

Session : I

It was an introductory session to Open-Source and GNU/Linux. Read Full

One day Python Workshop Conducted at SITRC Nashik

One day Python Workshop Conducted at SITRC Nashik.

After almost a year it was my first visit to SITRC, but it was not as a student to attend the lectures but for conducting a workshop. It was an Special feeling to conduct a workshop in a college where I Completed my BE Graduation.

A Python Workshop named “__init__ Python(self):” Introduction for Programmers was scheduled in Three Sessions on August 2 2014. Read Full

One day Fedora WorkShop at SVCOE Junnar, Pune

After travelling from Nashik to Sahyadri Valley College OF Engineering in the cool climate it was an warm welcome from the College Principal Mr. Sanjay Zope. Though the Workshop was mainly targeted for the Staff, I had an chance to interact with the Third year Computer Engineering students. Before the session begin it was small felicitation from the Chairman Mr. V.R. Divakaran. After the felicitation Mr.Zope expressed his view towards the open source philosophy and looked very ambitious to use and promote open source in the Campus.Campus has all the systems with upgraded Open-Source Software installed on it. With Ubuntu 13.10 running on Desktops.Read Full

[Event Report] Fedora Workshop Conducted at MMCOE Pune

Workshop at MMCOE Pune

A Fedora Workshop was conducted at Marathwada Mitramandal College of Engineering at Karve nagar Pune.[1] Maharashtra India on 31st August 2013. The participants were from Department of Computer Engineering and Information Technology engineering students..Read Full

[Solved]Connecting USB modem in Ubuntu 12.04 and 12.10

Hi Ubuntu Users, you might just install the newly fresh Ubuntu 12.04 or Ubuntu 12.10, but you might not get the connection to internet by using USB modem. You can’t directly connect internet connection by just plugging USB device and setting the internet connection. Ubuntu developers and Canonical Community didn’t notice the small bug of network connection manager, the problem is that modem does not get detected, so we can’t setup to the internet settings. So in this blog I will be publishing a very simple technique to connect to the Internet connection by using USB modem.Read Full

Databases On Linux

Database Management Systems

Database software can be generally organized into three categories: SQL, Xbase, and desktop databases. SQL-based databases are professional-level relational databases whose files are managed by a central database server program. Applications that use the database do not access the files directly. Instead, they send requests to the database server, which then performs the actual access.SQL is the query language used on these industrial strength databases. Both are open source projects freely available for your use.Read Full

Using Encryption in Linux with GNU Privacy Guard(GPG)

GNU Privacy Guard

To protect messages that you send by email, most Linux distributions provide GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG) encryption and authentication (gnupg.org). GnuPG is the GNU open source software that works much like PGP encryption. It is the OpenPGP encryption and signing tool (OpenPGP is the open source version of PGP). With GnuPG, you can both encrypt your messages and digitally sign them—protecting the message and authenticating that it is from you. Currently, Evolution and KMail both support GnuPG encryption and authentication, along with Thunderbird with added GPG extensions.Read Full

How pointers are related to array ?

In C and C++ programming language Pointers and Arrays are the hearts of developers. But still much of IT professionals are not familiar with the use of Pointers in C. But pointers and arrays are efficient and a powerful programming practice.  I will try to elaborate a primary use of pointers with arrays, so getting started.

Part 1:

In C and C++ programming language Pointers and Arrays are the hearts of developers. But still much of IT professionals are not familiar with the use of Pointers in C. But pointers and arrays are efficient and a powerful programming practice.  I will try to elaborate a primary use of pointers with arrays, so getting started. Read Full

Creating a new Disk partition and formatting it in Linux

Disk utility can also be used to create new partitions and prepare them for use. Once a partition has been created, it must be formatted with a file system before it can be used. The standard file system used in Red Hat Enterprise Linux is ext4,the Fourth Extended File system.

In order to use the file system, we need to associate it with a mount point, and empty directory on a file system that is already available. Then the contents of that file system can be browsed as if they are the contents of the mount point directory. This is called as mounting the file system on the mount point.Read Full

Network Authentication using an LDAP server:

Hi Techies,

So far we know that at local user accounts are managed through local files (/etc/passwd) on each machine. However, it is difficult to coordinate local user accounts on many systems.

In this blog, I will look at how to setup a machine as a client, to use a network user accounts that are provided by an existing LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) directory service. This allows the LDAP directory to be our central authority for all network users and groups in your organization. Read Full

Installing Software from Compressed Archives: .tar.gza

Linux software applications in the form of source code are available at different sites on the Internet. You can download any of this software and install it on your system. Recent releases are often available in the form of compressed archive files. Applications will always be downloadable as compressed archives if they don’t have an RPM version. This is particularly true for the recent versions of GNOME or KDE packages. RPM packages are only intermittently generated. Read Full

Check if you are running 32bit OS or 64 bit OS on your Linux Machine.

Hi Linux Users I will elaborate some basic tricks to know your CPU configuration on your Linux System. Many times I have come across a unique question from Linux Users that how should I know that I am using 32 bit CPU/OS or 64 bit CPU/OS? Definitely I am here to know you answer of this question but before that we have to understand some points they are. Read Full

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