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About Rahul

About Rahul


I Believe in


‘ Keep Chasing the Dreams, Because Dreams do come True.’

                         -Sachin Tendulkar.

Name:- Rahul.R.Mahale

About Me:- A Passionate Software Engineer and GNU/Linux Enthusiastic. A Open Source User and Promoter, A  Linux Lover, a Fedorian and a Rubyist.

Education:- B.E.I.T(Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology.)

Graduated From :-SITRC Nashik, University of Pune.

Work  :-

             Current  :-  Lead DevOps Engineer, SecureDB

             Past :-  DevOps Engineer, TinyOwl                         

                         :- Software Engineer, Winjit Technologies

Email:- rahul[dot]mahale123[at]gmail[dot]com


Programming:- Python,Ruby, Bash, Ruby on Rails,C,C++

Scripting:- Shell,Python,Ruby,HTML,JavaScript.

Operating Systems:- GNU/Linux(Fedora,Centos,Redhat,Ubuntu, Mint)

Area of Interests:- Systems, Software Development,Web Development, Administration, Cloud-Computing, Internet of Things.

Cloud-Technologies : Amazon Web Services(AWS), VMware, Docker, Configuration Mangement with Chef, Orchestration with Terraform, CloudFormation, CI with Jenkins, Travis

Other SBC and Firmware :- Raspberry Pi and OpenWRT Firmware.

Loves:- Programming,Reading, Watching and Playing Cricket.

Favorite Sport:- Cricket,Chess.

Favorite Books:- Technical, Spiritual.

Favorite Sportsman:- Rahul Dravid, Sachin Tendulakar.

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