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One day Python Workshop Conducted at SITRC Nashik

One day Python Workshop Conducted at SITRC Nashik.

After almost a year it was my first visit to SITRC, but it was not as a student to attend the lectures but for conducting a workshop. It was an Special feeling to conduct a workshop in a college where I Completed my BE Graduation.

A Python Workshop named “__init__ Python(self):” Introduction for Programmers was scheduled in Three Sessions on August 2 2014.

Session I:

I began the first session with showing some snaps where Python is used I showed the use of Python in web by showing snaps of Mozilla, Instagram, Pinterest and other websites,also showed the use of python in Mobile, Servers, science, Games , Graphics etc. Then I spoke on differences between Python2 and Python3. I started Python Introduction, Simultaneously introducing them to Python interpreter and doing some basic arithmetic and print statements. Then I introduced Data-types with the examples. After Data-types I explained Control-flow in Python, Explaining While For loops and if , if-else flows, also explained use of break and continue. Simultaneously I gave the programs to find factorial of number, to find average of n numbers etc. And students implemented the program.

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Session II:

Second session was focused on Data Structures, I introduced the various Python Data Structures such as Lists, Dictionary, Tuple and Set. Illustrated with an example how lists are Mutable and rest are not. Also showed the List operations scuh as append() remove() , join(), split(), insert(), count(), sort() etc. Also illustrated the Stack Operations with pop() and push() operations, also explained the same with Queue. Further showed the use of Dictionaries in various scenarios also programmed about the manipulation of Lists, Dictionaries and Tuples. Then I introduced the Sets and showed various operations on it. I gave assignments to students to add two matrices and many of them completed it.

Session III:

Session III started with Introduction to functions/methods in Python. Showed the syntax of methods and how to use them to modular the programs. Also showed the use of range() function in Loops and Data Structures. And also how one can forget to speak on lambda function which gives such a power to Python programmer. Then I introduced the Object-Oriented programming with python. Introduced the Classes in Python, showed the syntax and emphasized more on __init__() method and keyword self() and showed practical implementation with example. Then I introduced the Inheritance with program, Simultaneously students also programmed it. I also showed explained the Multiple Inheritance with a short example. Students performed the short assignments given to them.

Then it was a short question and answer section where students asked me about if it is possible to implement method overloading etc. I answered all the questions to best of my technical knowledge.

After it students shared their feedback and Tejas Rawal concluded the Workshop. At the End of day it was nice experience to conduct the workshop.

Thanks a lot to Prof. Tushar.B.Kute and Prof.Sandip Walunj for organizing the workshop and maintaining such a wonderful hospitality.

All Stuffs of Workshop I used are can be found at my Github account