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[Solved] Running Cron job at reboot on Raspberry Pi in Debian(Wheezy) and Raspbian.

Hello Pi users,

After investing much time then expected to run a cron job at reboot in Rapbian. finally I am able to run the cron job at startup and able to execute the necessary commands at start-up.

It is quite Obvious that @reboot will run the cron job at start up but in Raspbian and Debian (wheezy) it is not the case.

@reboot does not works as expected and it is a bug in debaian you can read it here

So here are the steps to for running cron job at reboot :-

  • log in to your pi using ssh

  • switch to root user using sudo bash

  • run the command crontab -e

  • put your command as @reboot bash /path/to/file/ save it and get back on terminal

  • then start cron service by running /etc/init.d/cron start

  • then one additional step is to edit the /etc/rc.local file and add the following line in /etc/init.d/cron/start  be sure that it should before exit 0.

  • now reboot your system by command reboot

and now your cron job is started you can check it by command ps aux | grep cron

also you can check the log tail /var/log/syslog.